When you have to choose between further studies and a good job

Choosing between a good job and further studies is one of the toughest decisions for a person to take. This is mainly because a good job offers practical experience and knowledge along with the temptation of earning a salary at the end of the month. At the same time, further studies like Masters or a Doctorate degree can brighten a person’s future job prospects. Masters degree and PhD holders can demand a higher salary and a better position after the completion of their course.

A way out!

Nowadays, many universities have structured their postgraduate courses in such a way that it is feasible for working students. This enables many students to simultaneously work and study without wasting precious years.

  • Part time : Many educational institutions are offering their postgraduate and doctoral courses on a part time basis. Classes maybe taught in blocks of time (ex. Two or three weeks of continuous coaching followed by home study) or on limited number of weekends or in the evening. The duration of these courses are usually two years or more in case of doctoral programmes.

  • Distance learning : This is the most flexible method especially for professionals with erratic work hours. Under this method, the course work is completed by the students according to their own leisure. There is no fixed time schedule here and the students have to sit for an exam at a specified time period in order to attain the degree.

  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development): It is a short term course directly linked with the work in which the person is currently employed. It leads to a certificate or a diploma rather than a postgraduate degree. It may even be offered by the company in which the person is currently working.

Current trend

In case, one is not attracted to any of the options above, current trends show that many are opting for a few years of professional work experience before venturing towards a postgraduate course because most potential employers and recruiters are now favoring individuals who have practical training along with their university degrees.