While Writing A Cover Letter!!

While writing a cover-letter, remember that this is the first point of contact of you with your prospective employer and so if handled and written efficiently you can break the ice or else miss an opportunity, you have been so long for waiting for. Keep in mind the following points, before you start writing your letter:

  • Research well about the Company, its ventures, history and achievements
  • Use specific format, matching the purpose and reader, whether writing an Application letter or a Prospective letter or Networking letter.
  • Refer to the specific job/profile, you are interested in and want to apply for.
  • Be specific about the addressee, either address your letter to the employer or to a HR manger/concerned. If your are not sure about the name, google it and be sure and specific and do not assume the person to be male or female based on the surname.
  • Refer to the source of your knowledge of the job, you received a call from consultancy or from portals or you have been referred by some one, etc..
  • Highlight your candidature to the company, what skills and qualifications and experience you have to bring value to the company on being hired.
  • Do mention whether you will contact them for further details or they should inform you for the same.
  • Provide complete and current contact details.
  • Be precise and to the point. Do not exaggerate and overstretch the content.
  • Double check for grammar and spelling mistakes as it makes a highly bad impression.
  • Keep yourself a copy of the letter you have sent to which employer along with the details of sending, for future reference, if need be.
  • Don’t be too aggressive or too curious. Give the recruiter plenty of time to consider your application, but do not wait too long. Do follow-up at a standard interval.

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