Why an Interviewer Asks You “Do You Have Any Question?”

If you are looking for jobs , you must know what all interviewers ask and what is the purpose of their questions. Irrespective of the designation and industry, this is a trend these days that interviewers ask candidates if they have any question. This question is not a regular simple question, which indeed is a common misconception. People generally avoid it, brushing it off saying no, trying to escape getting trapped in further questions. Doing so they don’t realize that their interviewer would make an impression, that:

  • This candidate is not serious enough about the job/profile. The candidate is thus not relevant enough.
  • This candidate is not excited and enthusiastic to associate with the organization.
  • This candidate is not much responsible either towards his career or his concerns. So he can not be trusted for the company’s/job’s responsibilities.
  • This candidate is not focused about his career. The candidate will thus not be much determined and dedicated towards company’s goals.
  • This candidate is not well prepared and is trying to escape easy ways. The candidate’s productivity and dedication is thus doubtful.
  • This candidate is not reliable enough and has an ignorant and reluctant attitude. Thus he will not to be serious and alert on his duty
  • The candidate is not effort full enough and takes things for granted, looking for narrow escapes in tough situations.
  • The candidate is not bold and courageous enough to take his side. And so he can not be expected to stand for his company.

Next time when asked for your questions, don’t find escapes this time, instead prepare them in advance. While preparing your questions, do keep following points in mind:

  • They must be relevant and job-related, like what targets I would be getting, how much traveling would be included, etc.
  • They must not be too demanding and hard bargaining, like what hotel I would stay during out-station travels, etc.
  • They should be subjective and precise, like what are the incentive determining factors, etc.