Why leaders also need to be fit

Business is not only about earning money but also about taking the right decision at the right time and exhibit leadership qualities. Business managers, who operate different business organizations, right from small scale industries to multinational corporations are aware of the fact that appearance and health are two most important determinants of success in business. A person who is not blessed with sound health is hardly able to deliver the desired performance, regardless of the sector he works in. Hence it is important for business leaders to stay healthy and fit in order to add a glint to their personality as well as to make employees realize that they are able to deliver impeccable performance.

Latest research studies show that executives suffering from overweight and obesity are regarded as incompetent, less efficient, poorer in job performances and often not suitable for leading a group. Therefore, it is always important for each and every executive to maintain a good health and to be fit in order to create the proper appeal to co-workers, subordinates or superior bosses. It is quite aptly assumed that being overweight can seriously hamper a person’s ability to deliver the best performance. Trimming the extra fat not only helps ward off several diseases but can also keep the person full of energy with a healthy heart.

People nowadays generally prefer fit bosses, colleagues and employees at offices. Being fit is the first and foremost condition for being a leader. It may be termed as a cultural shift that people aspiring of becoming leaders soon need to take note of. Though under work pressure and stress it is quite hard for a person to stay fit, it is completely up to him to find a viable solution. It is always better to wake up early in the morning and do a few regular exercises in order to keep the body fit.

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