Why Students go for Part Time Jobs??

Part time jobs today has become a trend amongst students, and mostly in the big and metro cities. While you walk into a McDonald’s or Pizza Hut outlet, Globus or Pantaloons showroom, etc., you find young, well versed people working there. The ambience of big malls like TGIP(Noida), Spencer Mall(Chennai) and the big brand showrooms in-there is largely build-up on account of these students working over there. This is not the only line where we see students doing part time, in fact large number of students are working in call-centers, taking tuition or are doing free-lancing as well. While pondering on the point behind a student disturbing his study and going for part time jobs, reasons are many. A student could be doing a part time job because of:

  • Financial need could be one serious reason for students to earn a bit of money either to support their family or to afford their further study.
  • Hobby/Interest in doing some part time job, specially in creative or media work and these days on Internet, is creating options in freelancing field.
  • To learn and sharpen skills like communication, personality, selling techniques, customer handling, etc., at student stage this could be really beneficial and a learning exercise.
  • To be independent and an urge to earn own pocket money as well motivates many teenagers to go for part-time jobs .
  • Need for more money. Today’s young generation have a very expensive lifestyle. Being highly brand conscious, hungry for outings, gadgets, etc., their pocket monies do not satisfy them. And so for more money they go out to work.
  • Just for time pass/fun also many youngsters in their groups enter such jobs.
  • Driven by trend , watching their friends doing it,many like copy cats or followers get into the stream and start working this way.

And so on could go this list. If you have some new reasons do let us know..