Words that can kill your resume

A resume plays an important part in helping a person secure a job. If you think that resumes are mere papers with some information, you are miles away from the truth. You resume is your identity to your would be employer. So, always maintain some caution while writing your resume. There are certain things that you should avoid at any cost if you have to impress your probable boss in the very first go. Remember, these words are not only inappropriate but also work a lot to develop a negative feeling about you in your boss’s mind.

  • Hopefully— This word may sound good and amiable, but it is the greatest blunder that you can make on your resume. Any use of this word would indicate that you are neither aware of nor confident about your statements made in the resume.
  • Team player— Everyone needs to be a team player nowadays. When you are sitting for an interview, the employer knows that you are willing to be a team player. So, there is no use of emphasizing this word. In its stead you can make use of certain expressions which would indicate this but in a different way.
  • Approximately— There are only two things possible, either you know exactly or you do not know at all. Nothing in between is accepted by modern recruiters. Using the word ‘approximately’ only underscores your lack of confidence. So avoid using this word.
  • Assisted— Since your employers expect certain leadership qualities from you at your workplace, it would be best if you avoid words like ‘assisted’ or ‘helped’. It would only minimize your true potential and prompt your employers to discard you.

So be extra careful when you draft a resume next time and select the words that will help you secure the right job.

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  1. Deepak panwar says:

    thanks for your guidelines

  2. Shaina Ahmed says:

    Thanks for this update of hiring process.