Writing a Single Page Job application

Times have changed. Present day recruiters no longer desire to read through pages of information about the candidate. In fact they are always on the lookout for people who know how to frame a lot of significant information in a short and precise manner. This search starts right from the CV. So, if you belonged to the category of job seekers who think that two to three pages of write up will be able to impress your recruiter then you are grossly mistaken! The idea is to keep it short and simple (our good old formula – KISS – works here too!). This is because there is very little time at present for the employers to scan through a manuscript of information about your educational and professional qualifications.

So, how do you present the information so that all important information Is present in the application and yet you’re able to complete it in just a page? The trick is to find the square pegs for square holes and not round ones!

Gone are the days of subheads and tables for mentioning the details about the academic and professional aspects. Unless you are applying for a senior level position, no one is going to read through the entire CV and try to find the information that they need. Here’s what you can do:

  • Start with a sentence or two about your career aspirations in an interesting and catchy language
  • Forget about separate headings
  • Bring in all the highlights under 6-8 bullet points
  • Don’t forget to mention the high points of your career (promotions, awards, etc.)
  • Include hobbies in such a way that they emphasize your strengths

Writing a one page job application is no different than creating a 30 second advertisement for the electronic media. You’ve got to know the right way to place the information in front of your target audience in a simple and precise manner.

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